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04 — 22 May 2016

Stories about Frames

Artistic intervention by Fokus Grupa in the Collection of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

Stories about Frames is a (con)textual intervention within the current display of the Collection of the Fundació, Antoni Tàpies. Collection, 1955–65. Fokus Grupa has created a system of alternative labels that reference the years in which these works by Antoni Tàpies were created, raising links with the configuration of the contemporary art system during the years of the Cold War. In this sense, each work is viewed separately, although rather than revealing its particular physical properties, each new label refers to the material reality of the art world.

Fokus Grupa is a collective from Rijeka, formed by Iva Kovač and Elvis Krstulović. They define their practice as interdisciplinary, seeing art as a material practice that needs to be addressed according to its legal, economic and social implications.

Abstract Socialism
Programme of discussions and artistic projects on the former and current uses of modern art in the Socialist Federal Republic from Yugoslavia.
Project curated by Oriol Fontdevila under the European project Performing the Museum.