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6 March – 30 May 2014

Antoni Tàpies. Collection, # 7

The Fundació presents a new selection of works by Antoni Tàpies from the Collection. The show, which this time focuses on Spaces A and D, includes various creative moments in the artist’s career from the 1940s to the present decade, and illustrates the evolution of typologies, techniques and materials used by Tàpies.

In Space A, the itinerary begins with a selection of works from the two-year period 1946–47, which highlights an early interest in extra-pictorial materials, an interest that becomes the hallmark of his mature production and can be seen in later works such as Earth and paint (1956), Matter with Lateral Papers (1963) and Book-Wall (1990), among others. The exhibition also features a selection of works that incorporate the object (such as Mettal Shutter and Violin, made for the window display of the Gales shop over Christmas 1956), and bronze sculptures (such as Drum and Pitcher and Boot, both 1987). Furthermore, you can see works from the 1990s and 2000s displaying several recurring themes, including an interest in matter, everyday objects and writing. The exhibition incorporates a selection of prints made during the period 1959–87 (Space D).

The itinerary finishes with a screening of the documentary Tàpies (1990) by Gregory Rood, produced by the BBC–TVE Catalunya, which is projected in the Fundació Auditorium (Space C).


Space A
Wax Drawing II, 1946
Wax Drawing I, 1946
Wax Drawing III, 1946
Newsprint Cross, 1946
Head and Flag, 1946
Threads and Ring, 1946
Box of Strings, 1946 , 1946
Figure on Burnt Wood, 1947
Ochre-Grey over Brown, 1962
Large Matter with Lateral Papers, 1963
Earth and Paint, 1956
Metal Shutter and Violin, 1956
Trousers on Stretcher, 1971
Knife and Pieces of Cardboar, 1971
Drum, 1987
Days of Water I, 1987
Book-Wall, 1990
Pitcher and Boot, 1987
Bowl, 1991
Complementaries, 2007

Space D
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Untitled, 1959
Rope Circle, 1969
Rice, 1969
Scissors, 1969
Circle over Matter, 1970
Newsprint, 1969
Nail, 1972
Horsehair, 1971
Sieve, 1971
Relief and Newsprint, 1972
Two Blacks on Cardboard, 1971
Gravel, 1971
Sackcloth, 1971
Informal, 1987
Head, 1987
Leaves, 1987
Red and Black (1-5), 1987
Variations on a Musical Theme (3, 5-9, 15-17, 19-20), 1987

Antoni Tàpies durante la realización de {Litografía en negro y gris}, 1959.