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Painting can be anything!

Educational activities for schools. Year 2017–2018

‘Painting can be anything. It can be a sunny spell in the middle of a storm. It can be a rain cloud. It can be a man’s footprint as he walks through life, or a kick – why not? – that says “enough”. It can be the fragrant early morning air, full of hope, or an acrid smell coming from a prison. It can be the bloody stains of a wound, or the song of a whole nation under the blue sky, or yellow. It can be what we are, today, now, and forever.’

Antoni Tàpies, fragment of the story El joc de saber mirar (The Game of Knowing How to Look). Barcelona: Cavall Fort, no. 82 (January 1967).

This definition of Antoni Tàpies’ painting, broad and evocative, has inspired the programme of educational activities around the work and ideas of Antoni Tàpies and the artists presented in temporary exhibitions. These activities take their title from expressions used by the artist in his writings, where he encourages a reflective attitude and an open mind toward art.

The programme of school activities is drawn according to the official curriculum with the aim of fostering the abilities and characteristics of the different age groups and levels of learning. The concepts take as their starting point the more sensorial and plastic aspects in order to arrive at the more abstract and conceptual ones – such as the artist’s working method, his socio-historical context and his way of understanding the world.


For more information and reservations, please contact the Education Department of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Tel. +34 932 075 862 / fax +34 934 87 00 09 / reserves@ftapies.com

Reservations must be made with a minimum of 15 days in advance.


All the activities are in Catalan or Spanish, by prior request. They are also available in English, French or Italian. The fee for guided visits in those languages is: 85 euros per group.

Educational Coordinator:

Rosa Eva Campo
Maria Sellarès

With collaboration of Àgora Serveis Culturals (www.agoraserveis.com)